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Do you see other businesses growing with social media, and wonder why it feels like such a struggle for your business?


It seems like no matter what you try, you pick up a few Likes (thanks Mom!), maybe a comment, or worst of all ... crickets. 😕

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Ready to leave that frustration behind for results like this? 😀

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My name is Jerry Potter, and I've empowered over 300,000 people worldwide to do their own social media marketing.

Dear fellow time-strapped business owner,

Let's skip the long intro and cut straight to the chase.

You've seen other small businesses thrive on social media and assume they must be working with an agency or have some huge budget and team.

But if you've paid attention to my Five Minute Social Media YouTube channel, then you've seen that small businesses can drastically cut their social media workload AND see their results increase. Business owners have been cramming my inbox and comments with questions ... and desperately trying to apply this to their business.

👉 Imagine knowing exactly what you should be focused on every month to grow your business...

👉 Imagine being able to ask a seasoned social media marketer any question you have...

👉 Imagine having awesome social media without it feeling so overwhelming...

Six years ago I was working with a company that wanted me to post on Facebook 48 times per day. 😬

That frustration drove me to see if I could create a better way to market on social media.

And I did.

Now I help businesses worldwide create the world's simplest social media strategies that drive results.

I want to help yours.

Are you as successful as you could be?

Below are the 5 stages of Social Media Success.

Stage 1 - Focusing

Stage 1: Focusing

You have a general understanding of social media because you’ve used it for personal reasons, but haven’t successfully used it for your business. Or you have used it for business but aren't getting any results. Time to focus on a plan!

Stage 2 - Freework

Stage 2: Freework

You have at least one social media network for your business, and you get engagement, but you have no proof it’s driving any revenue (so you’re “working” for free).

Stage 3 - Funding

Stage 3: Funding

You are doing well on at least one social media network, including earning revenue from it (funding)! You’re ready to multiply your revenue by increasing what’s working.

Stage 2 - Freework

Stage 4: Formulating

You are earning great revenue from at least one social media network, so you start formulating a strategy to repeat that success on another channel.

Stage 1 - Focusing

Stage 5: Flourishing

Your social media marketing is flourishing, achieving your goals and bringing in revenue. You know enough to outsource or delegate tasks to team members.

Join FMSM Pro and we'll not only help you confirm the stage you're in, but more importantly give you the exact things you should focus on to accelerate your progress!

How much time/money has NOT having your social media working cost you?

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What's Included?

Each month members receive: 


Ongoing Training: A new Masterclass is released each month so your always improving the quality and reach of your posts, your engagement level and more importantly your revenue!

✅ Group Coaching Calls: As a member you're never really stuck because you have access to Jerry Potter 8-10 times per month!

What's Working Now: Social media is always changing - Jerry updates you on what's working every month so you’ll be ahead of the curve rather than always trying to keep up.

✅ Private Mastermind Group: You're no longer doing this alone with our amazing community of business owners facing the same challenges you are.

✅ Searchable Replays: If you're reading this you're probably don't have much free time, so everything we put out has a replay to watch on your time, both on a computer or the mobile app!

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Enroll Today And Also Receive: 


How To Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers & Clients

✅ How To Grow Your Email List With Social Media

Growing Your Business With Facebook Groups

✅ How To Build & Optimize Scroll-Stopping Posts

✅ Buying Facebook Ads Without Losing All Your Money (Or Your Mind)

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Start Accelerating Your Social Media Results

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Rebecca Ellison

Jerry really simplifies it all and makes the entire process less overwhelming. I finally have the tools and understanding to post confidently and stop wasting my time on posts that won't move the needle.

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Jan Brown

I'm sorry but I just can't help myself. It just keeps getting better and better and I still have not yet implemented everything I learned from you! I am amazed. Thank you, thank you!

This isn't for everyone.


Five Minute Social Media Pro is NOT for you if you don't believe that social media can grow your business. We want to guide you, help when you get stuck, do all we can to get you results, but it is important that you believe social media can grow your business so that you're ready to do what it takes!

Five Minute Social Media Pro is NOT for you if you're looking for an instant solution. It's not a magic pill or a lottery ticket. Social media works, but it requires work.

Five Minute Social Media Pro is NOT for anyone who doesn't enjoy having some fun. Yes it's work, but we're going to have a great time doing it!

Got Questions?

Here are some of the most asked questions from potential members

How much time/money has NOT having your social media working cost you?

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I know this isn't for everyone.


Maybe you want to spend endless hours Googling for answers to your questions, just hoping the answer you find is semi-relevant to your unique business, personality and situation.


But if you've got better things to do than waste time searching for the answers, join me in Five Minute Social Media Pro now.

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